Our mission is to consistently provide customs and trade compliance professionals with the highest-quality, up-to-date, customized training, on a country, multi-country or global level.

The Trusted Trade Institute is able to call upon a unique global network of expert trainers experienced in educating both private-sector customs and trade compliance professionals in the world’s leading companies as well as customs and border officials in well over 100 nations.  Participants benefit from our instructors’ expertise and insight into the fields of import and export compliance, supply-chain security, risk management and cross-border trade and their hands-on practical experience in the real-world cross-border environment.

Our course offerings draw on our exclusive access to a global curriculum derived from the World Customs Organization-endorsed graduate certificate and post-graduate degree programs of the academic leaders in the field of Customs and Trade, the Universities of Canberra and Münster. 

Our courses are designed to build upon one another, leading to certification or, in appropriate cases, academic credit.  Because our curriculum design and course methodologies are structured from a global point of view, specific courses (e.g. classification, preferential origin, export controls) are tailored to national requirements and are built on a common framework.  The are also compatible with our international legal and management courses, making our offerings ideal for companies which wish  to implement global training standards and create a skill-based career path for customs and trade staff from entry-level through to senior management.  Our higher-level courses are ideal for experienced professionals looking to expand their knowledge of different jurisdictions or the technical underpinnings of international customs and trade regulation.