Early awareness of upcoming changes in the global trading environment is essential to the success of the customs and trade professional, and for the businesses and clients they serve.  Governments often limit feedback and comment on regulatory initiatives to only a few selected private-sector interests in their own country, and do not always recognize the effects those initiatives may have outside their borders.  Customs and trade professionals in trading partner countries may have no way of accessing the information needed to prepare, nor of providing feedback to regulators, prior to implementation of new changes.  

Trusted Trade Institute periodically organizes special events to address the need of customs and trade professionals to acquire in-depth knowledge of major regulatory initiatives, where possible with direct involvement from government officials involved in formulating and implementing them.  Such events bring participants together with a unique opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the policy and legal context in which an initiative is being implemented, and also to engage in real dialogue with senior officials from governments worldwide.

To promote exchange and discussion between the public and private sector in an environment conducive to positive change, special events can include Master Classes, which feature a senior official or world-renowned expert providing in-depth training on a particular topic, or may be presented in the form of a roundtable discussion or colloquium, where participants as well as experts are invited to present their opinions and suggestions on a particular policy or regulatory initiative, .

Master classes distinguish themselves by the singular nature of the course offering--an intensive session allowing direct interaction with globally-recognized policymakers and experts--and are designed to offer ample time for question-and-answer sessions to focus on subjects of direct relevance to your company or client base.  These special events are designed to offer expert-level instruction on  topics of particular interest or emerging subject matter from the front line.  Master Class instructors are acknowledged global experts in the subject matter--whether world-class practitioners at the top of their field or current or former officials at the highest levels of national and multilateral agencies responsible for the regulation of international trade.