Past participants in the courses within the Trusted Trade Institute curriculum have come from all corners of the international trade community.  Be they small- or medium-sized enterprises trying to reap the advantage of an export market, global manufacturers or retailers looking to optimize their world-wide supply chains, public sector employees wishing to hone their knowledge of laws and regulations, or service providers looking to get a leg up on their competition by demonstrated expertise in the complexities of cross-border trade, they all have one need in common: acquisition of the latest knowledge and skills required to move goods compliantly and cost-effectively across international borders.

Our training methodologies are derived from many years of experience addressing the needs of companies in every business sector touching international trade, and have been tested by thousands of participants in dozens of countries.  With a global training staff dedicated to the needs of the Customs and Trade Compliance professional, our geographic expertise is focused on North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, with extensive capabilities in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, and course-language delivery capabilities including English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.